Service Agreements

In Hays County and some surrounding counties, septic systems are required to have a Service Agreement by a certified TCEQ Maintenance Provider, like JMA Wastewater Services.  Service Agreement documents must be filed regularly with the county by the provider.

JMA Wastewater Services wants to be your Service Provider. JMA Wastewater Services will perform inspections and file documents on a timely basis.  When repairs are needed, we will correct any deficiencies and have your system back in compliance quickly.

Our “Service Agreement” includes:

  • Register your Service Agreement with the County
  • Inspect the septic system at required intervals
  • Provide required documents to the County
  • Inform you of any deficiencies we find.

We will make sure your septic system runs smoothly and your Service Agreement paperwork is in compliance with county regulations.

Call JMA Wastewater today at 512-801-8594 to start your Septic Service Agreement.