Pumping Service

All septic systems require pumping.  Even with the best of care, solids accumulate and when they reach a certain level, they need to be pumped out.  Left inside the aerobic system, the level of operation degrades, and the system is unable to treat them efficiently. This forces your septic system to work extra hard and can result in costly repairs.

As our customer base grew, the need for a reliable and  efficient Pumping company became apparent.

We created “AJ Liquid Haulers”  with a friend and business associate to address this need.  As Co-Owner and Operator of our trucks, he insures the same quality of work for our pumping customers that they are have learned to expect from JMA Wastewater Services.

JMA Wastewater Services and AJ Liquid Waste Haulers are committed to satisfying all your septic system needs. From inspections, maintenance, repairs, septic tank pumping and cleaning we will keep your septic system operating at its peak efficiency.


AJ’s truck-mounted storage tank allows us to pump, transport and properly dispose of the waste at a TCEQ approved dump facility.

Your home will once again enjoy a sanitary system, capable of treating your waste water as before.

Schedule a Septic Inspection today by calling JMA Wastewater Services at 512-801-8594.

Order pumping for your Septic by calling AJ Liquid Waste Haulers at 512-956-0047.