With our in-house training program, TCEQ training and licensing courses, supervision of a JMA training coordinator, you will learn how to inspect, diagnose and repair concerns for various types of septic systems. 

We specialize in advanced treatment systems such as aerobic septic systems; however, we repair all types of septic systems.  Advanced treatment systems utilize basic electrical control panels and various electrical components. 

Once you complete our in-house training curriculum, the state mandated TCEQ training course (which we pay for) and we both agree you are confident enough to inspect and repair systems on your own, we will provide you a service van, all the necessary tools and knowledge to complete any inspections and repairs. 

You will have numerous opportunities to apply your knowledge and hone your skills.  Please apply today if you are ready to put your mechanical knowledge and skills to the test.

Job Responsibilities

    • Able to perform basic inspections, diagnostics and repairs for electrical circuits and plumbing issues associated with the operation and maintenance of aerobic septic systems.  
    • Good communication skills.  Must be courteous and willing to speak with a homeowner to convey what repair(s) needs to be performed to the septic system.
Job Skills & Qualifications


    • One year of experience (not required but preferred) working with plumbing or electrical.
    • Knowledge of basic tools and have good problem solving skills
    • Valid driver’s license and a good driving record
    • Pass the state-mandated background check to obtain necessary licensing & certification
    • Ability to perform manual labor and comfortable working outdoors. 
    • Excellent physical condition is necessary. We work outside. You need to be able to tolerate the Texas heat and occasional rain. 


    • High school diploma or GED.

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